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Gate 1 - Synopsis

The Common Air links six distinct characters during the mother of all delays at JFK airport. The reason is unknown, and a game of "Telephone" ensues in an effort to find the truth.

The 1st character, an Iraqi Cabbie, has a winning idea for a reality show which he pitches to his passenger (the 2nd character), an Art Gallery Owner.

The Gallery Owner is struggling with a long buried personal issue: to return or not to the relationship he abandoned seven years ago. Two martinis have made him spill his dilemma to a Corporate Attorney, the 3rd character.

The sleep deprived Attorney evokes the reality show, Nanny 911, to illuminate the point that "following the rules" is for children. He imparts his rapid fire, ethically grey advice to the 4th character, a hipster DJ.

DJ PJ is in the throws of his own crisis: a lawsuit over the sampling a client's music. PJ's point of view is challenged by a west Texas Philosophy Professor, the 5th character.

The Professor is fighting a custody battle for his eleven-year-old son, via cell phone, with his soon-to-be-ex-wife. He presents his argument with a sinister mix of logic and irrationality to the 6th character; an Iraqi-American trying to get home from Baghdad.

The Iraqi-American brings us full circle as he articulates his journey to the Cabbie from the top of the show. His arrival in the Middle East began with a government-catering contract to feed US Troops and ended in recruitment to a Shia terrorist organization.


Other Productions


desperelics ran originally one month at the Gene Franke Theater. The show sold out twenty one of twenty nine performances and the closing night's audience included Mike Nichols who proceeded to cast Alex in "What Planet Are You From?" written by and starring Gary Shandling, Greg Kinnear, Ben Kingsly, John Goodman and Annette Bening, with whom Alex has two scenes.


Unequalibrium was published in Best Play's 2002, and received a Dramalogue nomination for Best One-Act Play from the LAWeekly. As a writer, Alex has developed a television show with partner Rob McCaskill for NBC, as well as several screen and stage plays.


In this multimedia production, a comatose man on his way to recovery recreates his identity by delving deeply into his memories, while a circle of family members and loved ones form scheming camps over grave neurological decisions. A profound, often comedic tour of the collective unconscious is coupled with the latest neuroscience in a compelling exploration of how the brain heals itself, and ultimately creates the mind.